Let's Talk Tartan - Isle of Skye



Today we're talking about one of the most beautiful tartans. Isle of Skye tartan is a relativley new tartan,  and has gained great popularity.

As an "open" tartan,  not connected specifically to any clan or family, it has become a firm favourite for wedding kilts and accessories. And as a "regional " tartan, appeals greatly to all those who have been enchanted by  a trip to the isle of Skye

The colours of this tartan reflect the Misty Isle in all it's glory -  the sea green, the purple of the heather, and the peaty reddish brown of the rocky landscape, with the misty pale grey stripe, re-awakening fond memories in many a heart the world over.

 Isle of Skye Tartan facts

  • Instigated by Mrs, Rosemary Nicholson Samois, and Australian with Isle of Skye heritage, now living in Skye
  • Designed by Angus MacLeod, a weaver from the isle of lewis
  • First registered and woven in 1992
  • This tartan is registered to be woven only by Lochcarron of Scotland,  with a licence granted to Marston Mills for the lighter weight cloth.


The landscape that inspired the tartan


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