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Guardian of Scotland Tartan hip flask plaid with thistle Scottish gift for men ideal retirement gift

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Tweed with a Twist brings you  this exclusive Guardian of Scotland tartan  hip flask set with pewter thistle  An "open" tartan,  this can be proudly worn by anyone, regardless of clan or family, This is the Guardian of Scotland Hunting tartan.

Designed in 2008 by Gerald Reilly,  I was honoured to obtain this beautiful tartan from his daughter in Selkirk, who gave permission to relate the story behind the tartan......

 "Without doubt, two of the most important men in Scottish history over the past thousand years were William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.  Gerald Reilly's rationale was: "During my lifetime in the weaving trade, it was always my intention to design a tartan, which would combine the history associated with the Knighting of William Wallace (Guardian of Scotland) by Robert the Bruce at Selkirk's Kirk o'the Forest. The colours are a combination of the Royal and Ancient Burgh of Selkirk, the Clan Wallace and the Bruce tartan with the St Andrew's saltire in the background."

Gerald Reilly, a Souter of Selkirk, designed the Guardian of Scotland tartan to encompass the rich colours of Bruce and Wallace tartans, the true blue and scarlet of Selkirk and the Saltire of St Andrew.  Gerald says “What better reason could there be than to commemorate the meeting in Selkirk, of two of the greatest men in Scottish history, when one conferred this great honour on the other.”


Carefully made in Scotland using highest quality kilt tartan from prestigious Scottish weavers, and real leather trim

This flask has a 6 oz. capacity, and measures approx. 10 cm x 10 cm ( 4" x 4" ) in the body, excluding lid. The flask comes in a black satin - lined presentation box as shown, and includes a filling funnel.

The screw cap of the flask is attached to the body to prevent loss. "Tweed with a Twist " label is attached to the back as shown