All for Mhairi's Wedding!


Mhairi's Wedding.... Part 1

A Barn Wedding on a Budget

One of my favourite pastimes is dressmaking,  and I'm delighted to be making a rather special dress for my neice Mhairi, who is getting  married very soon. 

Mhairi and her fiance Fergus got engaged last year on a trip to the Isle of Skye.  Keen hill walkers, the Misty Isle is of their favourite holiday destinations.  Out on a walk around the mystical  Fairy Pools, Mhairi was somewhat alarmed when Fergus dropped to the ground beside her.  Fearing a sprained ankle, she tried to haul him to his feet,  admonishing him for not looking where he was going.

" I'm not injured,  I'm down on bended knee !"  exclaimed Fergus.  She then spotted the little box in his hand, realised what was happening,  and said yes!



Fairy Pools,  Isle of Skye



After returning home, sharing the great news with all the family, they started planning the big day. After considering loads of different marvellous venues of which there are so many in Scotland,  it occurred to them in a flash ( well, after perusing the price lists) why not have it here at home? The family have a farm, there are two big barns available. Our friends and family won't have to travel far, and we'll save a fair bit of money too!

The thrifty couple soon had all the family on board, helping with the preparations for the upcoming event.  The smaller barn would be the ideal setting for the wedding and hand fasting ceremony, which would be attended by around 30 close family members,  and the large hay barn would play host to a stomping barn dance into the wee small hours for all the friends and neighbours.


It's been amazing  to see everything slowly falling into place.  We've all been busy collecting jars for table decorations , (more on that later), preparing the barns, organising the food and drink, checking the fairy lights,  and arranging a few small surprises for the big day!


Over the coming weeks, I'll be sharing with you some easy projects you can make yourself for a wedding or indeed other occasions.


But now its back to the sewing machine for me.... That gorgeous dress won't make itself!